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Where the good life grows

As local boys, with a passion for all things craft beer and a childhood love for the Mornington Peninsula, we have combined our two favourite things to create Jetty Road Brewery.

At Jetty Road  Brewery we believe in creating an experience. Our passion for awesome local craft beer and great company has evolved into the dream of finding the best local produce and sharing it with you and all of our friends.

Serious about craft beer. Less so about ourselves.



Ales of the earth

An appreciation for the Australian coast has captured our unwavering attention. It’s the raw and lively, overgrown, unspoilt, say-hi-to-your-neighbour type stuff that stays with you for a lifetime. 

Like many before us, this appreciation has lead us on a journey to capture the essence of this iconic Australian landscape and spread the good word. And what better way than through another Aussie icon, craft beer. 

Our process is pretty straightforward. We apply the same attention to detail and care to all of our flavours and don’t play favourites. The result is some of the finest tasting pales, IPAs and draughts this side of the equator. If we do say so ourselves.